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The Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles: Homes For Heroes

There are currently 500 veterans who are living on the streets of Los Angeles with federal housing vouchers which cover their rent payments, but who do not have the resources necessary for moving-in.

The Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles #HomeForHeroes campaign provides Angelenos the opportunity to contribute resources needed to cover move-in costs for 500 homeless veterans in the City of Los Angeles, ensuring each has a place to call home before the end of the year.

The campaign's long-term goal is to help every homeless veteran in Los Angeles move into a new home. To date, more than 4,600 formerly homeless veterans in the Los Angeles area have been placed in housing in the last 22 months, but approximately 2,000 are still stuck on the streets today.




Mayor Garcetti, United Way's Home for Good, and VA Secretary McDonald launched the Homes For Heroes program earlier this year working with City and County agencies to identify 1,000 private landlords to accept federal rental subsidies available to homeless veterans.



Every dollar of your donation will go directly towards the move-in costs of homeless veterans in Los Angeles -- mainly security deposits, basic living essentials, and utilities. The Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles is setup to ensure that funds raised through the campaign will go directly to programs serving homeless veterans through their partner, Home For Good.

Learn more about the plight of veterans from the following clips from the documentary, "Searching for Home: Coming Back From War."



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