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Josh Kealoha Viloria

In this exclusive web extra, Joshua Kealoha Viloria performs one of his original songs, "Scoot-Scoot."

Josh Kealoha Viloria

Last year Josh Kealoha Viloria won a competition held by the Pacific Talent Academy for the Arts, which arranges singing auditions throughout the Pacific Island community in California to search for young talented singers, musicians, and entertainers.

Josh was selected to participate in the PTAA's Artist Development Program which consists of workshops, seminars, and real life experiences to develop theirs skill, confidence, and character.

About The Pacific Talent Academy for the Arts

The Pacific Talent Academy for the Arts (formerly known as Fireknife of Samoa) is to educate, preserve, and perpetuate the performing arts of the islands of Polynesia by organizing free workshops and performances at community and cultural events; and targeting low income, at risk, under-served Polynesian, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islanders. Learn more, visit their website.

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