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Mariachi Los Camperos

This exclusive web extra features Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos playing the original composition called "El Tren" and the classic "Paloma Negra." While the group has been known for its traditional phrasings and instrumentation, the first piece shows the group willing to experiment with the mariachi form.

Mariachi Los Camperos

A new era in mariachi music began when Nati Cano opened La Fonda Restaurant as the home of Mariachi Los Camperos in 1969. The restaurant quickly became a cultural institution in Los Angeles and a destination renowned for its quality music performances. It also sparked a wave of emulators all over Southern California who drew inspiration from Los Camperos' trademark sound.

Over the past fifty years, Los Camperos has become a mainstay on the international mariachi scene, touring across the country and recording several albums including Linda Ronstadt's 1987 Grammy award-winning, double platinum album Canciones de Mi Padre. Los Camperos also recorded an album for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings titled ¡Llegaron Los Camperos!, which was nominated for the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album. In 2005, the group won the Best Musical Album for Children Grammy for cELLabration!, A tribute to Ella Jenkins.

Los Camperos current line-up: Jesus "Chuy" Guzman, violin (Director); Juan Rodriguez, violin; Ismael Hernandez, violin; Sergio Alonso, harp; Javier Rodriguez, trumpet; Jimmy Cuellar, violin; Juan Jimenez, guitarron; German Lopez, vihuela; Raul Cuellar, violin; Richard Ramos, trumpet; Jonathan Palomar, guitar.

Los Camperos Discography

Puro Mariachi (Indigo Records, 1961)
North of the Border (RCA/Carino Records, 1965)
El Super Mariachi, Los Camperos (Latin International, 1968)
Valses de Amor (La Fonda Records, 1973)
Canciones de Siempre (PolyGram Latino, 1993)
Sounds of Mariachi (Delfin Records, 1996)
Fiesta Navidad (Delfin Records, 1997)
Viva el Mariachi (Smithsonian Folkways, 2003)
¡Llegaron Los Camperos! (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2004)
Amor, Dolor y Lagrimas: Música Ranchera (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2008)

Los Camperos circa 1962. Nati Cano pictured fourth from the left. Photo courtesy of Jesus 'Chuy' Guzman.

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