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The Kalama Brothers

This exclusive web extra features the Kalama Brothers performing "Waika," a heartwarming song close to their hearts.

The Kalama Brothers

Ryan Keau and Kai Kalama are brothers who grew up in Southern California playing and singing a variety of music. Whether sitting in a small group of friends playing acoustic melodies, or getting together with other band members and playing nightclubs and event stages, they are always crowd-pleasers.

After years of playing rock-n-roll, soul, R&B and more, they have taken on a new challenge. Influenced by the music of their late father, they dug deep into their roots to explore their Hawaiian heritage and began composing and playing a modern take on Hawaiian pop. Their energy and talent drew praise in Hawaii and they just released their first Hawaiian CD under the Maui Tribe Records label with the legendary "Uncle" Willie K.

In this performance, Ryan and Kai sing a song called "Waika," which means "Those who go before." Usually, this refers to a battle where scouts are sent out for reconnaissance, but they think of it as something more personal. They see it as referring to those friends and family who pass on to the "other side," making a place for those who will follow after. This song was the last song their father heard them sing, and it holds a special place in their hearts.

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