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Lost LA

Paul Kitagaki, Jr.'s Personal Connection with Dorothea Lange's Photography

During World War II, the internment camps became involuntary homes for thousands of Japanese Americans living on the West Coast. It couldn't have been easy, but incarcerees still found way to find some measure of happiness in their surroundings. One of these ways was through playing baseball. Host Nathan Masters speaks with National Park Ranger Rose Masters and photographer Paul Kitagaki, Jr. about how Japanese Americans continued to persevere in their strange surroundings, and how baseball — an iconic American pastime — became a saving grace for many stranded inside those camps.

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Shindana Dolls | Still from "Lost LA" S4 E6: Shindana Toy Company
Lost LA

Shindana Toy Company - Changing the American Doll Industry

Explore the lasting impact of the Shindana Toy Company, created out of the need for community empowerment following the 1965 Watts uprising, whose ethnically correct black dolls forever changed the American doll industry.
Mount Wilson Observatory | Image from "Lost LA" S4 E5: Discovering the Universe
Lost LA

Discovering the Universe - Exploring the Cosmos Atop Mount Wilson

As recently as a century ago, scientists doubted whether the universe extended beyond our own Milky Way — until astronomer Edwin Hubble, working with the world’s most powerful telescope discovered just how vast the universe is.