'Luther' Character Guide

Get to know the central characters that populate the world of the thrilling drama, "Luther," premiering Monday, March 14 at 9:00 p.m. on KCET. Catch a new episode every Monday at 9:00 p.m. 



Luther Character
John Luther (Idris Elba)

DCI John Luther

DCI John Luther is a brash, gifted detective prone to destructive impulses. For John, his profession is far more than a job -- it's a calling. Divorced from his wife Zoe, he still can't let go of hope of getting back together, putting Zoe on edge with his dogged pursuit to rebuild their relationship. Can he ever overcome his personal demons?

Ruth Wilson
Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson)

Alice Morgan

Labeled a genius at an early age, Alice Morgan graduated with a PhD in astrophysics by the age of 18. A fierce, volatile force who is both a nemesis and ally of John Luther, Alice wants to find what makes John tick, to discover his strengths and -- more valuable -- his weaknesses. Will her quest ultimately help John, or destroy them both?

Zoe Luther
Zoe Luther  (Indira Varma)

Zoe Luther

Zoe is trying to move on from her tumultuous marriage with John, finding a kindred -- and especially, stable -- spirit in her lover, Mark. Zoe continues to admire John's dedication to his work, but sadly knows it always threatens to consume him whole. Will Zoe find peace in her life after John?

Mark North
Mark North (Paul McGann)

Mark North

As Zoe's lover, Mark is treading into hostile waters with her ex-husband, John. Calm and collected, Mark is who Zoe needs in her life right now, but can he protect their privacy and security from John's impulsive intrusions into their lives?

Rose Teller
Rose Teller (Saskia Reeves)

DCU Rose Teller

Anyone who has the unenviable task of being John Luther's boss is going to have their hands full. A skilled manager of operations for the police force, Rose advocated for John's return from leave, because she knows that his unorthadox approach to crime solving -- while a liability -- is worth the risk. Will she come to regret her decision to bring John back?

Justin Ripley
Justin Ripley (Warren Brown)

DS Justin Ripley

As partner to John Luther, DS Ripley may be the closest colleague to the department's most brilliant detective. He has a high respect for Luther's devotion to the job, but he isn't always so convinced by his questionable work methods. Can Justin continue to trust the integrity of John Luther's investigations?



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