Meals Ready to Eat host August Dannehl holds a lamb from Darling Farm. A still from "Meals Ready to Eat."

Darling Farm: Shepherding Animals from Pasture to Plate

Can an intense connection to nature be a form of therapy? "Meals Ready to Eat" visits Darling Farm, owned by Former Army Ranger battalion member Jon Darling. This episode explores a veteran’s commitment to raising meat in a kind and ethical manner, all the way to an animal’s slaughter. It raises the question of ethics when it comes to food and humankind’s deep, sometimes disturbing, relationship to its ecosystem. Some say it was the training and experience learned in the military that led Darling to being one of the most thoughtful and humane farmers in South Carolina.

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CIA and Petit Trois

Walk the halls of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) located just across the Hudson River from West Point. Spend time with Chef Ludo Lefebvres’ lieutenant, Will Marquardt, Army veteran and Chef de Cuisine at celebrated French bistro Petit Trois in Hollywood. Host August Dannehl joins Top Chef Master and CIA veteran Neal Fraser, currently the owner of downtown L.A. restaurant Redbird, to demonstrate a simple yet refined technique that can result in a gastronomic work of art.

  • 2019-11-16T16:00:00-08:00

Okinawa and Guam

Travel across the Pacific to Okinawa and Guam where the U.S. military has been a strong influence for decades. Host August Dannehl and Top Chef winner Mei Lin explore the fusion of Asian and American flavors with her “Island Congee with Coconut Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder.”

  • 2019-11-23T16:00:00-08:00

Coast Guard and Philly

Food can be a strong source of comfort and enabler of camaraderie as expressed by Coast Guard cook Arianna Gunn and South Philadelphia Fire Department resident chef and Marine veteran Bill Joerger. Chef de Cuisine Holly Jivin, who leads a team of more than 30 people at The Bazaar by José Andrés at the Beverly Hills SLS, prepares the restaurant’s signature interpretation of a “Philly Cheesesteak.”

  • 2019-11-30T16:00:00-08:00


Journey to Nablus in The West Bank and the streets of Tel Aviv in search of food that brings people together. Tim Hollingsworth, former chef de cuisine for Thomas Keller’s Michelin-starred restaurant The French Laundry and now Executive Chef at downtown L.A. restaurant Otium, cooks up a “Middle-Eastern Beef Tartare with Bulgur, Yogurt, Mint & Walnut Muhammara” inspired by his wife of Palestinian and Iraqi descent.

  • 2019-12-07T16:00:00-08:00