A Prayer for My Daughter

The latest round of Middle East peace talks are abruptly halted when Patricia Norton, a key delegate, disappears. MI5 is worried - one of the last things Patricia said to Adam was that he should investigate David Swift, the newspaper mogul and renowned Israeli extremist, and a group he's associated with called the November Committee. What did Patricia know? Danny and Zoe are undercover in the Palestinian Freedom Campaign investigating the flamboyant, left wing MP and chairman of the Campaign, Nicholas Ashworth. Despite heavy surveillance, they have found nothing incriminating, but they come across a young, feisty campaigner - Harry's estranged daughter Catherine. The team continue to investigate Swift and the November Committee and soon discover that they're not the only ones undercover in the Campaign. It seems the November Committee has an agent working there too. Not only that, they also discover a list of prominent figures involved in Middle East politics that the November Committee would like to have removed. Catherine is suspected to be the agent and Danny is tasked to stay close to her and find out the truth. Meanwhile Will proposes to Zoe, and she says yes.