A Very Corporate Coup

A much-respected journalist and author is assassinated in his office. When M15 learns that he was investigating crimes against human rights in Colombia, the killing ties in with information received that a leading Colombian sicario (paramilitary) may be setting up in London. Rafa Morientes has a reputation for savagery and specialises in the murder of human rights activists and trade unionists. He has come to the UK in order to establish himself as the head of a terrorist network called the Seventh Division. MI5 discovers a connection between Rafa and the Director of Finance at Petrex, the UK's biggest oil corporation. Could Rafa be using Petrex to attempt a coup d'etat within a British company? If he is successful, it would pass control into the hands of men who will use it as a clearing house for drugs and terrorism, and harness its enormous power to control politicians across Europe and the globe. Morientes has to be stopped.