When celebrity couple Riff and B's baby is kidnapped, supermodel B demands MI-5 handle the investigation. Harry is appalled but can't argue with Oliver Mace who tells him the Government is backing B's request. Riff, a fading rock star, has just been knighted and the Government can't risk a drop in public morale should anything happen to the couple's adored little Alfie. Harry hands this one straight to Adam. Mace seconds extra resources from Six to help out and Adam's wife, Fiona, is sent in undercover to befriend B. She learns that B, fearful of losing her fame which has recently been on the wane, has set the whole kidnap up as a publicity stunt. What wasn't part of her elaborate plan was that Alfie should actually die. The horrible truth begins to unravel and, ironically, the truth is even more newsworthy. Meanwhile Harry, with Ruth's help, uncovers a story of accidental death involving a politician and his young woman. Harry wants to force the MP to resign, but Mace intervenes — the resignation can be delayed until they can bury it beneath another, more headline-grabbing story. A distraught Riff gets a call from his drug dealer, Rudolfino Ponti, who wants a meeting. When B finds out, she panics — Ponti is bound to tell Riff she paid him to kidnap Alfie. She rushes to the rendezvous, but it's too late — Riff has killed Ponti. He then kills B before shooting himself. The story is reported as the tragic suicide pact of grief-stricken stars, while Sylvester resigns quietly to spend more time with his family.