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MI-5's suspicions are aroused when a known mercenary, Robert Morgan, who has recently been linked to a new player on the arms smuggling circuit, is seen visiting a top secret, old Soviet arms dump. Thanks to police ineptitude, Morgan discovers he's being watched at the hide and MI5 take this chance to bring him in and question him. It's only when MI5 discover exactly what's missing from the hide -- a laser target designator -- and discover that only a week ago E Section picked up some unusual radio activity and reported an untraceable flash over London, that they are able to piece together the jigsaw and understand the stakes. The untraceable flash could only be Morgan's laser target designator having itself a trial run -- an attack on London is imminent. Adam and Danny begin the interrogation of Morgan, the objective being to find out who he's working for and what exactly they plan to do to our capital. They work their way through the three F's -- finance, friends and family -- but how far will they go to "coax" the truth out of Morgan? Adam, driven by his own experiences, seems to want to stop at nothing. When the team uncover a link between Morgan and one of the UK's biggest oil companies they are even more perplexed. The oil company is involved in a controversial bidding war over the contract for a major new pipeline, but would they resort to these tactics to ensure a victory? Fiona is tasked to recruit an asset inside the oil company, but, under immense time pressure, she is soon asking the same question of herself that Adam is asking: how far will she go to ensure the recruitment of this asset? The team discovers Morgan's Achilles heel -- his sick daughter. Adam has no choice but to use her to get Morgan to capitulate. He's prevented an attack on central London, but put a child at risk in the process. How do you reconcile yourself to that?