Season 9, Episode 8: Season Finale!

Harry leads a manhunt to find and capture Lucas, and hires a specialist, Alec White (Vincent Regan). After making a deal with Chinese agents, Lucas kidnaps Ruth after diverting the agent's attention and threatens to kill her unless Harry gives him Albany, which is revealed to be a blueprint of a genetic weapon. Harry gives into the demand, but by doing so, the team find Maya and tells her Lucas' past actions. By doing so, Maya turns against him. The two escape from Beth and Demitri, but Maya is killed in the process. After handing the Chinese Albany, Lucas threatens to destroy a train station unless he sees Harry alone. Though the bomb is revealed to be a fake, Harry sees him, knowing Lucas intends to kill him for revenge. There, on the roof of a tower, Harry reveals that Albany never worked. Lucas realises now that he has nothing to live for, points a gun at Harry and tells him to turn around. Awaiting his certain murder, Harry encourages Lucas to shoot him quickly, but hears a commotion at the base of the building, and turns round to find no-one. The episode ends with the Home Secretary, William Towers revealing to Harry that because he gave away a state secret he may lose his career.