Military Strikes

At an Army barracks, a platoon immaculately performs a practice exercise on their grounds, led by the highly regarded Major Curtis. One of the uniformed men moving in perfect synchronicity is Tom, working undercover. Britain has been through a winter of discontent with the country brought to almost a standstill by industrial action, and MI5 has been closely monitoring the situation.The fire fighters, nurses, teachers, air traffic controllers, council workers and rail unions have all clashed with the New Labour Government and the unions are dominating the political agenda. With the stability of the country already under threat, MI5 receives word of a potentially far more serious situation: the British Army is planning strike action -- despite the possibility of impending war. MI5 knows that Major Curtis is at the heart of this latest move and Tom is in on the inside to uncover exactly what is being planned. His mission is to earn Curtis' trust and carefully feed him false information to defeat his plans. But what if Tom actually agrees with what Curtis is fighting for?