The Russian

Season 4, Episode 8:

Adam is in denial, unable to grieve for Fiona. Hugo Ross, an old cold-war traitor, is approached by MI5. The son of the now-dead Soviet spy who recruited Hugo is in Britain. The son is as passionate about capitalism as the father was about communism and the UK Government is toying with allowing the son to save the NHS by buying it. MI5 are unconvinced by the son and independently set out to discover the son's true motives. Adam insists on working on the operation but it quickly becomes apparent that he's unable to cope. Harry sends him to the secret service psychiatric hospital. The team discover the son's ultimate aim is to buy the NHS and strip it of its assets; Britain will lose its NHS. Appalled by the son's free market values, Hugo helps MI5 destroy the son's reputation, ensuring the government is no longer able to ignore the son's unethical business dealings. Adam spars with his psychologist before walking out, re-joining the operation and leading it to success. Only then is he able to begin to grieve.

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