The Sleeper

Harry reawakens a sleeper: Fred Roberts, renowned chemical engineer, Nobel Prize winner and happy family man who sold his soul to MI5 over twenty years ago in return for a helping hand on the career ladder. Over the years this pact has become nothing more than a faded memory, but the time has come for Fred to repay his debt. Harry and the team are running Operation Flytrap -- they want to spread the lie that Fred has made Red Mercury, a lethal trigger for a nuclear explosion, in order to attract terrorist groups. But at what cost to this man's life? When Tom begins to fear for Fred who is successfully being seduced by MI5 and the grand idea of helping protect the nation, he takes a moral stance that puts the whole operation in jeopardy. Can MI5 allow humanity to get in the way of its op? Tom is decommissioned by Harry and forced to leave the service. The operation, led by Adam, successfully traps a dangerous terrorist group the Aleph Command.