The Special - Part I

Season 4, Episode 1

The team is at Danny's funeral when a bomb explodes amidst a London street market -- high death count. The terrorists are Shining Dawn, an international group whose members believe they have a divine mission to wipe out human beings in order to save the earth. Shining Dawn's only demand is the release of their leader; till then, bombs designed to target maximum casualties will detonate every ten hours in central London. The Grid is turned in to a command centre, the CIA led by Boyd assist and an old flame of Harry's, Juliet Shaw, arrives to help. Ruth is sent to interrogate a Professor from whom Shining Dawn take their inspiration, but they are forced to flee when an assassin tracks them down. A waitress becomes caught up in the MI5 operation when she unwittingly becomes the only person able to id the bomb maker. The team are making good progress until a second key witness dies before the team can interrogate them. Adam realises there's a mole on the Grid but with Zaf kidnapped and the next bomb still ticking down, they don?t have time to find out who it is.