The Suffering of Strangers

At home Fiona and Adam prepare breakfast. There's a relaxed air to their banter but unbeknownst to them they are being listened to -- and not by their own Security Services, but by a man with a desire to take his revenge for the atrocities that have occurred in his home country, Iraq. Following up one of the numerous leads flooding into an overworked MI5, Danny and Fiona race round to a house they suspect is being used by North African terrorists for meets. They have precisely 2 hours and 12 minutes to get there, install a listening device and get out. It all seems to be going smoothly, until, out of nowhere, a gang of terrorists led by Ahmed emerge and take both Danny and Fiona hostage. He forces Fiona to record a video statement stating his demands -- that the Prime Minster change a much anticipated speech regarding the UK's presence in Iraq and commit to an immediate withdrawal of troops and insists she call Adam, luring him into a trap. Adam speaks to Fiona who manages to conceal her distress and agrees to meet her on the south bank. Only when he gets there he is met by a stranger, not his wife. All Adam has to do is stay with the stranger, an Iraqi woman called Khatera, and do everything she says. Otherwise his wife and colleague will die. The grid remain unawares until Adam manages to send a coded message alarming Ruth to the problem. Soon, they are on the trail of all 3 missing officers. But it's not soon enough and Danny and Fiona, desperate to do something, attempt an escape which has fatal results. Ahmed, angered by their disobedience, decides to execute one. But to let Adam choose which one will die. But Danny speaks out giving Ahmed no choice but to kill him and allowing Adam to live without knowing he had ordered the death of either of them. Shocked. Desperate. Horrified. The team have to find Fiona and stop her from being killed too-- but can they hold it together? Can they save her?