Who Guards the Guards?

Danny, on Close Quarter Protection, is shaken when his charge, the controversial writer Zulifakir living in Britain under a fatwa, is shot at. Zulifakir survives but immediately sacks MI5, appalled at how they, especially Danny, could have allowed this to happen. It's only on closer examination that Adam picks up on something crucial - the hitman missed his target, but almost hit the innocent Harakat. Would a hired gun man make this kind of mistake? Following through his hunch Adam tasks Danny to put Close Quarter Protection on Zuli's friend Harakat. Disgruntled Danny does so and soon Danny and Harakat develop a deep friendship. Meanwhile Zoe and the rest of the team track down the hit man to a house in East London. They watch and wait, but nothing. He doesn't move an inch. When Harry receives a photo which shows Oliver Mace talking to the head of a Pakistani terror group a couple of years ago, MI5 are worried. Why were they meeting? And what were they talking about? Could this tell the team who the hitman was really aiming at?