Babak from Mixed Nutz

Persian Adventures

With the help of a mysterious artist and some magical paintings, Babak, Saman and Sousanne travel through Iran to learn that with a little faith and imagination one can make the mundane really fun. Lesson: Having the ability to use one's imagination and maintaining an open mind can make everyday an adventure.

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School's In Session

School is a nightmare - literally! Babak worries that his new school will be a horrible experience because kids always tease him when they find out where he is from. Michael is worried that he is being perceived as boring. Both realize, after they get to know one another through a school assignment, that just being yourself is good enough. Lesson: Be proud of who you are.

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The kids are not only faced with school on a Saturday but with a swimming class taught by a very demanding coach. After a series of trials and tribulations (such as getting frogs stuck in their bathing suits and getting dragged behind a speed boat), the kids learn that together they can overcome any obstacle...including off-the-wall swim coaches! Lesson: With teamwork, you can overcome any obstacle.

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When I Grow Up

While working at a rummage sale, the kids share with each other what they would like to be when they grow up. Cowboy, Mad Scientist, Superhero, Astronaut! Nothing short of their imagination can limit their future plans! Lesson: You can be anything you want to be.

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Bollywood Dreams

Sanjay learns that love and politic don't mix when he falls in love with his teacher during class elections. He is too busy imagining her in romantic Bollywood movies, instead of paying attention to the voters. In the end, the more responsible party wins and Sanjay realizes where he went wrong. Lesson: When you take on a responsibility, do it for the right reasons.

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Jae becomes obsessed with winning the junior golf championships, as Damaris gets carried away with cleanliness. Both kids learn the value of moderation, and enjoying the tasks at hand with getting too caught up in them. Lesson: Too much of anything can be harmful.

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