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A Miner's China Dream

He Quangui, a gold miner from Shaanxi, wants to travel with me back to Beijing. He dreams of going to the Chinese leadership’s compound, Zhongnanhai, for an audience with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He wants to tell Xi about the plight of migrant worker-miners like himself, who heeded the government’s call and left the land to work as migrant laborers to bring prosperity to their families—and fueling China’s great growth. Failing that, he wanted to go to Tiananmen Square and unfurl a red banner to scream for help for migrant-miners like him who are now dying from silicosis, an occupational lung disease that is caused by inhaling silica dust and is particularly prevalent among miners who lack effective protective gear.

Directed by Sim Chi Yin, Courtesy of ChinaFile.com


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