Monkey predicts U.S. Election Results

'The Lesser of Two Evils': How China Is Covering The U.S. Election

In the "U.S. Election" episode of "Mosaic," we look at how broadcasters around the world are covering the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

China has been at the center of this year’s election: the key issue is trade. Currency manipulation and the loss of American jobs are also hot topics, and China’s aggressive policies in the South China Sea have had an impact. A Mandarin-language documentary says U.S. citizens will "have to choose the lesser of two evils."


Background image: A monkey chooses between two cardboard cutouts of U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at a park in Changsha, in China's Hunan province on Nov. 3, 2016. His final choice was Trump. STR/AFP/Getty Images

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