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Follow leading Hollywood actors as they re-trace the footsteps of their grandparents and learn how World War II changed the lives of their families - and the world.

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My Grandparents’ War

My Grandparents' War: Carey Mulligan

Follow Carey Mulligan as she learns how her grandfather survived an attack during WWII.
Season 1 Episode 4
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My Grandparents’ War

My Grandparents' War: Kristin Scott Thomas

Discover how actress Kristin Scott Thomas’s grandfather saved thousands in WWII.
Season 1 Episode 3
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My Grandparents’ War

My Grandparents' War: Mark Rylance

Explore the story of actor Mark Rylance’s grandfather, a prisoner of war in Hong Kong.
Season 1 Episode 2
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My Grandparents’ War

My Grandparents' War: Helena Bonham Carter

Follow actress Helena Bonham Carter as she explores the heroism of her grandparents.
Season 1 Episode 1
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