Season 3, Episode 2:

They may have handed in their badges and started collecting their pensions years ago, but Lane, Standing and Halford are back for a third and fourth series, still working at the London Metropolitan Police as civilians investigating unsolved crimes as part of boss Pullman's team, Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS). Led by Pullman, who spends half her time trying to rein them in, the three men investigate an array of challenging and disturbing crimes. You'd have to be very brave to tell this motley crew they are too old to chase criminals. Whatever they lack in agility, they more than make up for in their years of experience. Out of touch with modern policing, Jack, Brian and Gerry thrive on bending and even breaking the rules to get a result, thoroughly annoying Pullman. The question is will Pullman stop them or join them in doing just about anything to get to the truth?

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