Will We Be Visited by Aliens? and Can We Eradicate Genocide?

Jared Diamond looks to evolution for clues to the big questions of our era. This time he discusses space exploration and the discovery of habitable extrasolar planets, which hold the possibility of life. If aliens visited, would they come with friendly intentions? Then he explores our own species' shocking capacity for murder, war and genocide, and the "us vs them" mentality we share with other animals, including our cousins the chimpanzees.

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The Science of Monogamy and Our Mysterious Lifespan

Why do humans live in monogamous couples, sharing parenting responsibilities? What does the difference in size between men and women have to do with marital infidelity? Why do females of our species stop having children in midlife and continue living so long? In part three of this special lecture series, Jared Diamond explores the unique features of the human lifecycle, looking to evolution for clues as to how we became what we are.

  • 2020-06-19T05:00:00-07:00