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A Thousand Years of Beauty: Japanese Stencil Art

Ise Katagamihas been practiced for a thousand years in the Ise region. This use of stencils for dyeing kimono contributed to the "Japonism" influence on European arts around the start of the 20th century. These days, it takes on new shapes as dyed pictures, interior decorations and accessories. accessories. The program presents the mystique of Ise Katagami through the life of a young artisan and her teacher.

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Houses for Peace: Exploring The Legacy of Floyd Schmoe

The amazing 105-year-long story of a man whose mission was to help innocent war sufferers in Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. in the hope that a peaceful tomorrow would arise from the ashes of conflict.

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Japan from Above - Chugoku, Shikoku

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Japan from Above - Kyushu, Okinawa

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