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A Thousand Years of Beauty: Japanese Stencil Art

Ise Katagamihas been practiced for a thousand years in the Ise region. This use of stencils for dyeing kimono contributed to the "Japonism" influence on European arts around the start of the 20th century. These days, it takes on new shapes as dyed pictures, interior decorations and accessories. accessories. The program presents the mystique of Ise Katagami through the life of a young artisan and her teacher.

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Battle at Sakhalin

Sakhalin is an island that lies off the north coast of Hokkaido. Previously, it was home to 400,000 Japanese citizens and was called Karafuto.” In August of 1945, Soviet troops invaded the Japanese territory in the southern part of the island. A fierce ground battle involving civilians went on for a week, even after Japan surrendered to the Allied powers to end WWII. It is said that 5,000 to 6,000 people lost their lives. Why did the battle continue after the war had effectively ended?

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The Quest for the Mythical Giant Cedar

Yakushima is an island in southern Japan that is designated as a World Natural Heritage Site. The Jomon Sugi cedar, that is said to be more than 2,000 years old, is known as the symbol of Yakushima. But rumors have been circulating that there are even larger cedars in the deep forest. The program launches an investigation using the latest technology to find the mythical giant cedar tree. The first step is to search the forest from above with a laser scan and map out potential targets. Once the “treasure map” is drawn, the investigation enters a next phase.

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One Last Vision: A Photographer's Final Journey

The 12th photo collection of 82-year-old Toshikazu Shirakawa pays homage to the laws of Nature, from which he believes we should learn. We follow his encounters with Nature in the American Midwest.

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Alain Ducasse: Japanese Cuisine Par Excellence

Alain Ducasse, the master of French cuisine and worldwide restaurateur, faces the challenge of turning ingredients sourced from all over Japan into delectable French dishes.

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