Godzilla and Ultraman - The Amazing World of Japanese Special Effects

Sixty years after its first appearance on the screen, Godzilla continues fascinating moviegoers and Hollywood producers alike. The techniques developed by its creator Eiji Tsuburaya, including the use of full-body suits on carefully crafted miniature sets, are of particular interest at a time when computer graphics reign supreme. Hideaki Anno, best known for his animated series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," and Shinji Higuchi, director of "Attack on Titan," discuss the magic of Japanese special effects.

Godzilla and Ultraman

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My Small Steps from Hiroshima

Kaoru Ogura dedicated his life to telling the world about the Japanese city where the first atomic bomb was dropped. He brought public figures from other countries together with survivors in postwar Hiroshima, even though he himself was born and raised in the U.S. The devastation shocked the visitors, causing them to spread the word internationally. They eventually began supporting the victims and joining in the anti-nuclear movement. The program recounts the life and work of those activists and the experiences of Kaoru Ogura.

  • 2016-09-02T08:00:00-07:00

Hiroshima Lost: The Day The Nuclear Arms Race Began

NHK WORLD TV brings you a documentary screened at the 2015 UN Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference, with additional material compiled by NHK's Hiroshima station. The program reveals what happened on the day in 1945 when the bomb was dropped, through interviews with victims as well as photos, drawings, and computer graphics. The devastation underscores the tragedy of war and the importance of peace.

  • 2016-09-09T08:00:00-07:00

70 Years of Wandering -Storytelling Artist Koryu-

  • 2016-09-23T08:00:00-07:00