88 Hours Meltdown

Living Ninja Legend Masaaki Hatsumi

Masaaki Hatsumi, 84 years old, is a living ninja in modern times. He is the grandmaster of Togakure-ryu, a ninjutsu school that was founded about 900 years ago, and has drawn attention from the FBI and other government agencies as they train in survival skills and how to dodge enemy attacks and save one’s life. Hatsumi’sdisciples and followers are estimated at more than 100,000 around the world. His ninjutsu is now even taught at the university in California as a regular course. At age of 27, Hatsumibecame an apprentice of a ninjutsu mentor and inherited the position after 15 years of grueling training. He bolstered his reputation during his journey abroad, with fierce fighters and soldiersbeing no match for him. We will look at the life of the world-renowned grandmaster and his legendary techniques.

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Cycle Around Japan:Summer - The Coast and Mountains Of Uwate

CYCLE AROUND JAPAN takes us to Iwate, a large prefecture on the Pacific coast in the Tohoku region. We will start our summer journey from Morioka, the prefectural capital, and ride into the mountain region. Our first stop will be Tono, a rural town in the hills of central Iwate. Tonois best known as a repository of Japanese folklore due to its legends of supernatural creatures. Then we will visit the Sanrikuregion, the Pacific coast area which was badly hit by the March 2011 tsunami. The reconstruction process is still going on and will take many more years.

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The Circus Family

A circus team called "Happy Dream Circus" travels all over Japan. Among the team of 50 people, there is a Colombian man and a Japanese woman couple. They have ten children, and soon the eleventh child will be born. The family live in trailers behind the circus tent. Arashi, the fourth son, attracts audiences with his great performance skills, but the 11-years-old boy finds it hard to say good-bye to his friends every two monthsas his family and the circus team move to another city.

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Somewhere Street: Hida Takayama

Located in the foothills of Japan’s Northern Alps and surrounded by forests is the city of HidaTakayama. Known as Hida’s“Little Kyoto, " Takayama’sold town, retains a traditional touch with its streets lined with wooden buildings. During the spring and fall, the city hosts the celebrated TakayamaFestival featuring a parade of large floats, which has been added to UNESCO’S list of Intangible Cultural Heritages. It is a popular tourist destination. In this episode,we explore HidaTakayamaand meet its residents who love their traditions and their distinctive culture.

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