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The Chilkoot Trail

It was the main route from Alaska to the Yukon goldfields during the 1890s and the Klondike Gold Rush. Today, it's a 33-mile hiking trail through rugged inter-coastal rainforests and glacial lakes. Greg traces the historic Chilkoot Trail for a rarely seen look at this remote part of Alaska.

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Baja California Road Trip

Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja is a mecca for those in search of sun, sand and fun but the remote coast of northern Baja California is an undiscovered travel-treasure for those willing to rough-it a bit. Greg takes a road trip south of Tijuana then east to the Sea of Cortez to camp on empty beaches, explore unique landscapes and swim with majestic whale sharks.

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California Grasslands

With nearly 40 million people, California is the most populous state in America. But if you know where to explore, you can get lost in wide-open grasslands and green rolling hills. Greg uncovers one of the Golden State's best-kept secrets by venturing into Carrizo Plains National Monument and inter-coastal mountains during spring where green grass, stunning wild flowers and incredible views will make you forget you're 2 hours from Los Angeles.

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Exploring New Mexico

It doesn't have a premier national park or trendy travel draw but New Mexico is loaded with scenic wonders and unique landscapes to explore. Greg takes to the road and shows off the diversity of New Mexico. From a narrow slot-canyon hike to exploring ancient Pueblo cliff-dwellings and walking the lonely dunes of White Sands National Monument, Greg shows you why New Mexico needs to be on your travel bucket-list.

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Boundary Peak

It's the highest land point in the state of Nevada and surrounded by scenic wonders in the desert below. Greg sets out to climb 13,000 foot Boundary Peak but as he learns, the summit isn't always the best part of the adventure. Hot springs, hidden waterfalls and a forgotten ghost town are discovered on the way to the mountain.

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Alaska Marine Highway

Greg sets sail aboard MV Columbia, the flagship ferry along the Alaska Marine Highway. From Bellingham, Washington to Juneau, Alaska, the Columbia winds its way through the rugged shores of British Columbia though some of the most picturesque scenery on Earth. In Juneau, Greg explores the secrets of Alaska's capitol beyond the crowded tourist hot-spots.

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