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The Illness & the Odyssey

A cure for Alzheimer's. A Nobel Prize. An honored place in medical history. All of this hangs in the balance as scientists race to find the cure for a rare disease found on one remote Pacific island. The "Illness & the Odyssey" tells the story of a deadly, mind-wasting disease that could hold the key to solving the riddle of other neurological nightmares. The film features the renowned doctor Oliver Sacks and other luminaries in the field of neuroscience. Based on Dr. Sacks' book The Island of the Colorblind, the film traces the struggle to solve a medical mystery plaguing a native population in Guam.

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Ever The Land

"Ever The Land" explores the sublime bond between people and their land. For the past 150 years, longstanding grievances over extreme colonization tactics have defined the Ngai (tribe) Tuhoe and New Zealand governments relationship. In 2014 history was made when the Tuhoe's ancestral homelands were returned, the New Zealand government gave a official apology and Tuhoe built the first ever "Living Building" in Aotearoa, New Zealand as a testament to their values and vision of self-governance.

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