A woman stands in front of a line of police officials.

"POV Shorts" are short documentaries share that same spirit as our "POV" features: challenging audiences with bold content and showcasing poignant aspects of human life.

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Joe's Violin

In the Oscar-nominated Joe's Violin, a donated musical instrument forges an improbable friendship. 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Joe Feingold and 12-year-old Bronx school girl Brianna Perez show how the power of music can bring light in the darkest of times, and how a small act can have a significant impact.

  • 2019-12-25T12:00:00-08:00

Making Memories

Two films about history and memory, with a 21st-century twist. Wendy's Shabbat: Shabbat is typically observed at home with family, but here these seniors share in the celebration at a fast-food Wendy's. This film is a story of rediscovering the joys of community in older age, however unorthodox it may appear. 116 Cameras: As the Holocaust survivor community ages, the USC Shoah Foundation has embarked on an ambitious new project to transform survivors into 3D digital projections.

  • 2019-12-25T12:30:00-08:00