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Our health isn’t solely determined by medicine, doctors and genetics. Instead, sociological, economic and racial conditions have a greater impact on our wellbeing. What inevitably shapes these conditions is Power. "Power and Health" brings on some of today’s most innovative thinkers, economists, sociologists, epidemiologists and community members like Dr. Camara Jones, Eric Liu, and Dr. Manuel Pastor to to examine the role of power in our society and how it can be reshaped through community, belonging and inclusion in order to reshape our health.

Two women hold signs protesting Proposition 187  | Still from "187"
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A group of civil rights demonstrators staging a sit-in at the U.S. Capitol on March 15, 1965 featured in POWER & HEALTH. | Courtesy of Warren K. Leffler
Power & Health

Power & Health

"Power and Health" examines the role of power in our society and how it can be reshaped to reshape our health.
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