Promo image of Benjamin Harrison for "A President at the Crossroads."

A President at the Crossroads

"A President at the Crossroads" details the life and dualities of Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the United States. He was a war hero and champion of veterans. He was cold in one-on-one conversation but a brilliant lawyer and orator. In the area of conservation, he was a visionary, in foreign affairs, foresighted and in his personal life, unconventional. Harrison was an early architect of a social safety net, and he signed landmark anti-trust legislation that is still on the books today. However, he also presided over growing income inequality and unrest, and supported domestic legislation that likely contributed to the economic collapse of 1893. Both were factors that cost Harrison another term. In this one-hour documentary, historians and scholars examine Harrison's formative years, his time in office, and his life after the presidency. Viewers are afforded a look at both the public and private lives of a man who stood at the crossroads between the past and the modern world.

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