When the past and the present collide Unexplained anomalies are ripping holes in the fabric of time, allowing creatures from the very earliest stages of the earth's development to roam through the modern world. These creatures are ferocious, endearing and puzzling by turns but they all have the same simple fact in common - they don't belong here. Their presence throws up a terrible dilemma - is history about to be turned on its head? Will humanity survive in the face of a new and unprecedented threat from other species? And most urgently of all - will you find a velociraptor in your garden the next time you open the door? Nick Cutter and his team struggle to keep the looming disaster secret while dealing with savage dinosaurs, giant insects, prehistoric parasites and other deadly foes from the wildest shores of evolution. While battling to stem the invasion of creatures from the past, Cutter also has to deal with a deeply personal dilemma - he discovers that his wife Helen, missing believed dead for eight years, has actually been traveling in the past; now she is back with possible answers to the riddle of the anomalies, but is it an answer she is willing to share? And if not, what does she really want? Primeval combines the action, thrills and dazzling special effects of Walking With Dinosaurs with a haunting love story, and asks a terrifying question - has mankind come to the end of the evolutionary road?

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