'More' -- All About Raptors!

Natural History Museum Dinosaur expert Dr. Luis Chiappe is back this week with the newest edition of KCET's "More," and he's talking about raptors! Remember those "Jurassic Park" days when raptors were eight-foot-tall, doorknob-comprehending hunters that terrorized people in kitchens? Seems like those depictions were a bit off. Chiappe reveals that raptors were no bigger than a dog and that they are the closest dino-relative to birds. But before you start to think that raptors were not formidable hunters, Chiappe brings out a fossil of a Megaraptor's claw. To think that that claw is just the bone!

Then as an added bonus, find out what kind of noises dinosaurs made. Yep, by studying the bone structure of certain dinos we have figure out what kind of sounds they made and heard. Go, science!

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