'More' -- Meet the Dracorex!

Dracorex. Just the sound of it conveys a sense of majesty, but that's probably because this dinosaur's name literally means "dragon king." How cool is that? And prepare yourself, because we're about to take this to whole new levels of nerdy: Dracorex is the genus name, and the species name is hogwartsia. That's no coincidence. Only recently discovered, this creature was, in fact, named in honor of the setting to the "Harry Potter" books, and series author J.K. Rowling even released a statement expressing her delight at the honor (and comparing it to a Hungarian Horntail).

Watch this installment of "More," in which Dr. Luis Chiappe of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles puts this "Primeval" creature in a scientific context. Among things you can wrap your mind around is the fact that it lived during the late Cretaceous, where South Dakota is today... which makes the dracorex it a coastal dinosaur, since a swath of ocean flowed diagonally across what is now the continental United States. Strange to think about, isn't it?

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