'More' -- Meet the Gorgonopsid

This week, "More" tackles the gorgonopsid, a prehistoric beast that earned its name on account of its ugly face. But don't feel too bad for this guy. He had a set of foot-long canine teeth that put him in league with the famously pointy-toothed sabertoothed tiger.

In this installment of "More," Dr. Luis Chiappe of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles explains how the gorgonopsid and its relatives lived before a mass extinction killed off 90 percent of the Earth's species. But that doesn't mean the death of all the synapsids -- the group of creatures formerly known as "mammal-like dinosaurs" -- because it just so happens that present-day mammal life, humans included, descended from these guys.

Watch the clip to learn more about the "Primeval" gorgonopsid, and click here to watch previous "More" installments.