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The Facility - Part 1

Nimrode and Uri are taken to an interrogation facility designed for released Israeli prisoners of war in the small town of "Zichron Yahacov", and there they meet Haim, who is a military psychologist who aims to understand what they experienced behind enemy lines. Talia is in an emotional turmoil, and struggles to come to grip with the fact that her husband has returned. Nurit is being torn apart between Yaki and Uri, because his return ignited forgotten feelings in her. Yael Ben Chorin arrives at the "Abu Kabir" detention center to meet her brother, and only Ilan succeeds to calm her down and convince her to give up this idea.

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The Facility – Part 2

Haim investigates Nimrode and Uri in the interrogation facility. They don’t know that the intelligence officer is in the process of deciphering their secret language. Talia wants to visit Nimrode and arrives at the interrogation facility, but Haim doesn’t let her see him and she has to go back home frustrated. Nurit is preparing to meet Uri. She cooks a special meal, and gets a hair cut in spite of Amiel's objection. Yael and Ilan grows closer and travel to the beach together. Yael is still fantasizing about her brother Amiel.

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Letters from Mom

Uri is depressed and he refuses to leave his bed. Nurit tries to talk to him, but he refuses to answer the phone. Yoske gives him letters, written by his mother when he was a prisoner of war. Uri reads the letters in a cemetery, and meets a sweet girl called Iris. She invites him for a cup of coffee. Nimrod is left alone in the house after his family has returned to their routine. Haim visits him and tries to make him talk about the time he spent as a prisoner of war, and reveals some details he hasn’t told him yet.

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

At the funeral of Amiel Ben Horin, everybody is there but Yael feels all alone. She see's her brother everywhere. She tries to convince him to leave her alone and let her go on with her life.

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The Journal

Gadi Sukenik hosts Talia and Nimrod in a special morning broadcast, and Lia finds out that Nimrod started working for an advertising agency.  Talia takes Dana to meet Dr.Ostrovstky, a psychologist. Dana is challenging his professional ability.

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A Picture from Hell

Talia and Nimrod are enjoying intimate time in their bedroom after the kids left the house. Dana's "relationship" with Dr.Ostrovsky becomes more intense. Hazav is getting ready for his pre army tests, and tells his friends he doesn’t understand why he wasn’t drafted in to the army yet.

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