‘Prisoners of War’ Season 1 Recap [SPOILERS]

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After living in captivity for 17 years, two Israeli soldiers return home to find their names on bumper stickers and billboards throughout the streets of Israel. Season 1 of “Prisoners of War” follows their re-entry into a society that perceives them as national icons, and their reintegration into families who no longer know who they are. Learn more about the twists and turns of the first season below, and tune in for new episodes of “Prisoners of War” every Monday beginning October 24, at 10 p.m.


Episode 1: Homecoming
The negotiations for the release of the Israeli soldiers have ended successfully and now Nimrode Klien, Uri Zach, and Amiel Ben chorin are coming home. But only two of them make it back home alive. Amiel was killed during captivity.

When Nimrode and Uri reunite with their loved ones, it’s as if they were meeting for the first time. Nimrode comes home to his wife Talia, who waited for him for all those years and devoted all of her time to the campaign for his release. His family now consists of 19-year-old, outspoken Dana and 17-year-old Hazav, whom hehad never met. On the other hand, Uri comes home to Nurit, his guilt-ridden fiancé who ended up marrying his brother. Despite causing a scandal and ripping the family apart, they got married a few years after Uri became a prisoner of war.


Episode 2: The Facility – Part 1
After spending their initial hours back home with family, Nimrode and Uri are taken to an interrogation facility designed for released Israeli prisoners of war in the small town of "Zichron Yahacov.” There, they meet Haim, a military psychologist who aims to understand what they experienced behind enemy lines. 

Talia falls into emotional turmoil as she struggles to come to grip with the fact that her husband has returned. Nurit is being torn apart between Yaki and Uri, because his return ignited forgotten feelings in her. 

Meanwhile, Yael Ben Chorin arrives at the "Abu Kabir" detention center to meet her brother Amiel and only Ilan succeeds to calm her down and convince her to give up this idea.


Prisoners of War: Uri, Haim, and Nimrod
Uri, Haim, and Nimrode | "Prisoners of War"

Episode 3: The Facility – Part 2
Back at the interrogation facility, Nimrode and Uri are under Haim’s watch. They don’t realize it, but an intelligence officer is close to deciphering their secret language. 

After Talia attempts to visit Nimrode but Haim prohibits her from seeing him, she turns her frustration into preparation for a big homecoming celebration for her husband. Surprisingly and despite Yaki’s objection, Nurit also cooks a special meal and gets a haircut to prepare for Uri’s return from the facility. When Nimrode and Uri are released from the interrogation facility, their demeanor raises concerns for those waiting for them back home.

Yael, who continues fantasizing about seeing her deceased brother Amiel, grows closer to Ilan and they decide to take a beach trip together. 


Episode 4: Letters from Mom
Uri is depressed. He refuses to leave his bed and answer the phone, and won’t even speak with Nurit. When Yoske gives him a pile of letters written by his mother while he was a prisoner of war, Uri goes to a cemetery to read them. There, he meets a sweet girl called Iris who invites him for a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile Nimrode is left alone in the house for the first time once his family returns to their daily routine. While alone, he receives a visit from Haim who tries to force him speak about his time as a prisoner of war. He reveals some new details he hadn’t told Haim yet. Distraught after the meeting, Nimrode gets an anxiety attack while playing football with a group of journalists.

Prisoners of War: Yael Ben Chorin
Yael Ben Chorin | "Prisoners of War"

Episode 5: Who Let The Dogs Out?
Although everybody is at Amiel Ben Horin’s funeral, Yael feels all alone. She sees her brother everywhere. She tries to convince him to leave her alone and let her go on with her life. Every one gathers at Yael's house for the period of mourning called the "sivaa." As Yael goes through her process of grieving, she ignores Ilan and asks the spirit of Amiel to prove to her that he’s still active in their relationship.

While Nurit tries to find out about Uri’s new friend Iris, he has his first serious talk with his brother and brother-in-law Yaki since his return.

Nimrode visits a bereaved father who lost his son in the military service. The father of the dead soldier poses a conflict for Nimrode when he explains he is against the deal that led to the release of the prisoners of war.


Episode 6: The Journal
Nimrode’s family is surrounded by chaos. As guests of Gadi Sukenik’s special morning broadcast, Talia and Nimrode begin fighting when she finds out that he started working for an advertising agency. Unfortunately, Nimrode quickly finds that the professional world is not what he hoped for. Also, their wild daughter Dana begins seeing psychologist Dr.Ostrovstky and immediately challenges his professional ability. Although Talia confesses to a friend that Nimrode’s present is irritating her, they reconcile and go out to a romantic dinner.

Uri starts to work in his father's grocery store and meets his nephew Asaf for the first time. Asaf invites him to his Bar Mitzvah but Uri refuses. He does accept a lunchtime visit and gift from Iris, however, who takes Uri out for a picnic and gives him a diary for him to write his thoughts and feelings. He opens it late at night and starts writing memories into it.

Nimrode and Talya Press Image Prisoners of War
Nimrode and Talya | "Prisoners of War"


Episode 7: A Picture from Hell 
Dana's "relationship" with Dr.Ostrovsky intensifies and Hazav is worried about why he hasn’t been drafted into the army yet. Nimrode grows more disappointed with his job and feels capable of doing much more but Ofer advises him to stay put for some time. After a panic attack, Nimrode focuses on finding the hidden meaning in the numbers given to him on a note while in prison. His relationship with Talia becomes strained again when she finds out he left the house secretly one night.

Iris and Uri take a trip to Jerusalem. Though Iris shows him all the main attractions she becomes annoyed becauseUri can't stop talking about Nurit. 

Yael receives pressure from real estate agent Barak Dagon to sell her apartment. He tries to persuade her to move to a smaller place sooner rather than later. 


"Prisonders of War" Trailer

Episode 8: Family Portrait 
Uri and Nimrode disappear and their families worry. The Klien family is finding a few joyous moments, precisely when Nimrode is not there. Talia shows Nimrode the injuries she got while he had nightmares.


Episode 9:  Awake At Night 
Nimrode still suffers from nightmares and dreams of the night he killed Amiel. He wakes up in terror and Talia tries to convince him to talk to her. They begin attending a support group of couples who share the same problems because one spouse was a prisoner of war.

Yael seeks out Ilan's home address and decides to visit him unannounced. 


Episode 10: The Tape 
In the last episode of the season all major characters in the drama reach a critical juncture in their lives. Talia makes Nimrode choose between a future with her, or a life of misery. Nurit has to choose between Yaki and Uri. Yael has to confront the death of her brother. Uri and Nimrode venture on a quest, driven by a clue Zieneb brought them, and Haim and Iris tries to find them.

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