A woman wearing a pink and white "VOTE" mask at a polling place.

Answering Voting Questions and Fostering Health Equity

On the Oct. 28 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters and a guest answer audience questions about voting, report on the food truck industry and look at health through the lens of power and equity. 

Voting Questions 
How often are ballots picked up from drop boxes? Do we need to fill out the address and date with our signature? Can I complete a ballot on behalf of my relative who is out of the country? Libby Denkmann and Peri Wallent offer answers. 

Food Trucks 
The food truck industry has struggled to adjust to new eating behaviors during the pandemic. Morgan Keith discusses creative approaches vendors are taking to stay afloat. 

Power & Health 
Much of our health is not determined by health care but by our social, economic and political context. How much power we have over those factors leads to a healthier world, says Ryan Petteway of the Portland State University School of Public Health. Watch him break down health's connection to race, wealth and power in the new KCET documentary “Power & Health.” 

Featured Reporters/Guests: 
Libby Denkmann @libdenk 
Peri Wallent @WallentPeri 
Morgan Keith @bymorgankeith 
Ryan Petteway of the Portland State University School of Public Health @RJPway4EQ 
Adriene Hill @adrienehill 


Featured image: A woman wearing a pink and white "VOTE" mask at a polling place. | @CountyofLA


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