Reporter Roundup for August 4

COVID-19 Parties, LASD | August 4

On the August 4 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters have the latest on COVID-19 parties, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and bad news for Hollywood.

KPCC’s Robert Garrova has details on today’s calls by Compton leaders for more accountability from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. 

It’s a laundry list of bad financial news for Hollywood as John Horn of “The Frame” reports. 

LAist Associate Editor Elina Shatkin looks into two massive private parties that are concerning county public health officials. 

Featured Reporters:

Robert Garrova @robertgarrova
Libby Denkmann @libdenk
John Horn @JGHorn
Elina Shatkin @elinashatkin

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