Reporter Roundup for August 17

DNC, LAUSD COVID-19 Testing | August 17

On the August 17 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters anticipate California’s role at the Democratic National Convention, discuss LAUSD’s COVID-19 testing program and talk about hot weather and wildfires. 

Libby Denkmann discusses Californians’ major role in the first-ever virtual Democratic National Convention. 

Los Angeles Unified is the nation’s second largest school district and officials there have announced their own massive COVID-19 testing plan for the coming school year. Jackie Fortiér explains. 

Death Valley is hitting record-high temperatures and Jacob Margolis reports on what that means for wildfires. 

Last fall, KPCC gave cameras to 12 Southern California parents to document their lives. Tomorrow, the project Parenting, Unfiltered will share the photos and tell the stories of these families, the challenges they face raising young children and how much their lives have changed since the pandemic began. 

Featured Reporters: 
Libby Denkmann @libdenk 
Jackie Fortiér @JackieFortier 
Jacob Margolis @JacobMargolis 
Mariana Dale @mariana_dale 
Megan Garvey @garveymcvg

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