Reporter Roundup for August 11

Kamala Harris, Charter Schools | August 11

On the August 11 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters discuss vice president pick Kamala Harris, nursing home testing and charter schools. 

KPCC’s Austin Cross has the latest on Joe Biden’s pick of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate.  

Los Angeles County nursing homes were hard hit by coronavirus. KPCC’s Elly Yu has learned that in some cases it took months for testing to begin. 

KPCC’s Kyle Stokes dives into the tension between public and charter schools that has existed for a long time.  

Featured Reporters: 
Megan Garvey @garveymcvg
Robert Garrova @robertgarrova
Elly Yu @ellywyu
Kyle Stokes @kystokes
Austin Cross @austincross

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