Reporter Roundup for June 26

Reporter Roundup: COVID-19 Cases Reach Record High

One the June 26th edition of the Reporter Roundup, the team at KPCC discusses rise in confirmed cases of COVID-19, changes at Disneyland and alleged threats to Black Lives Matter activist Shawn King. 

KPCC’s Mike Roe reports Disney is taking measures to address concerns about the racist history behind one of its rides.

Reporter Jackie Fortier explains what is behind the dramatic surge in confirmed cases of the coronavirus and hospitalizations.  

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King posted a story online about a law enforcement group on Facebook that’s makes references to killing him. Reporter Robert Garrova has the details on the investigation into the postings. 

Featured reporters:

Jackie Fortiér @JackieFortier

Mike Roe @MikeRoe

Emily Guerin @guerinemily

Robert Garrova @robertgarrova

Mike Kessler @mikeskessler

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