Reporter Roundup for June 10

Reporter Roundup: L.A. Police Commission Meets

On the June 10 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters have details on today’s L.A. Police Commission hearing and how some small businesses are doing as more shops reopen later this week.

KPCC’s Emily Dugdale has details on today’s L.A. Police Commission hearing, including calls for a ban on the use of less-than-lethal weapons and baton strikes at public demonstrations.

The commission also found the shooting of a disabled man inside a Costco by an off duty police officer was unjustified. KPCC’s Frank Stolze reports why any disciplinary action will be confidential.

KPCC’s Emily Guerin shares what she’s hearing from some local businesses in West Los Angeles as they resurface after months of being closed.

Featured Reporters:

Emily Guerin @guerinemily

Emily Dugdale @eedugdale

Jackie Fortiér @JackieFortier

Frank Stoltze @StoltzeFrankly

Suzanne Levy @suzlevy

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