Reporter Roundup for July 3

Reporter Roundup: Lab Testing, Mask Politics

On the July 3 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters dig into COVID-19 lab testing and mask politics. 

KPCC’s Emily Dugdale reports Los Angeles Police Department officers have been seen not wearing facial masks even though a memo was issued last month requiring they wear masks. 

In Orange County, mask wearing has become politicized, especially as schools consider reopening, according to KPCC’s Kyle Stokes. 

More people are getting tested for COVID-19, but reporter Jackie Fortiér has found some labs aren’t turning results around fast enough.

Featured Reporters: 

Kyle Stokes @kystokes

Emily Dugdale @eedugdale

Jackie Fortiér @JackieFortier

Erick Galindo @ErickGEEE

Suzanne Levy @suzlevy


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