Reporter Roundup March 25

Reporter Roundup: Local Hospitals Prepare for COVID-19 Surge

The Wednesday, March 25 edition of the Reporter Roundup features KPCC reporters with the latest on local hospitals’ plans for the expected surge in coronavirus cases and a look at how incarcerated populations are coping with the COVID-19 threat.

Los Angeles County officials are telling the public to assume the coronavirus is widespread, according KPPC’s Robert Garrova. Pinpointing the number of cases is still a problem because of a lack of testing kits.

KPCC’s Elly Yu reports the peak number of coronavirus cases has yet to arrive in Los Angeles but preparations are already underway among many local hospitals.

Inmates in California’s state prison system tell KPCC’s Emily Dugdale they are not being provided enough supplies, like soap, to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Dudgale has details on what prison officials are doing about it.

Featured Reporters:

Adriene Hill @adrienehill 

Robert Garrova @robertgarrova

Jacob Margolis @JacobMargolis

Emily Dugdale @eedugdale

Elly Yu @ellywyu

This program has been produced through a collaboration with LAist and KPCC.

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