Reporter Roundup for May 21

Reporter Roundup: Race & Nursing Home Deaths

On the May 21 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters take a close look at nursing home deaths, changes to standardized testing and reducing the prison population to slow down the spread of the coronavirus 

KPCC’s Jackie Fortier reports race and Latino origin are major predictors of whether a nursing home has a COVID-19 outbreak, even after accounting other factors like a facility’s location and the infection rate in the surrounding community.

Natalie Chudnovsky takes a look at the effects and the challenges for people released from prison because of concerns of the coronavirus’ spread. 

Reporter Carla Javier reports the UC Board of Regents voted 23-0 in favor of ending the use of SAT and ACT scores in admissions to the University of California by 2025. 

Featured Reporters: 

Jackie Fortier @JackieFortier

Carla Javier @carlamjavier

Natalie Chudnovsky @natchudnovsky

Frank Stoltze @StoltzeFrankly

Adriene Hill @adrienehill 

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