Reporter Roundup for July 20

Reporter Roundup: School Sports, Movies and COVID-19

On the July 20 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters discuss the latest coronavirus numbers, high school sports and summer movies. 

Yet again Los Angeles County records a record number of people at area hospitals due to the coronavirus. KPCC’s Jackie Fortier shares what she learned after studying L.A. County’s hospitalization data.

KPCC’s Kyle Stokes has details on today’s decision by the California Interscholastic Federation to delay fall high school sports.
The summer movie season has been decimated. KPCC’s John Horn takes a look at what’s next. 

Featured Reporters:
Megan Garvey @garveymcvg
Mike Roe @MikeRoe
Kyle Stokes @kystokes
Jackie Fortier @JackieFortier
John Horn @JGHorn

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