Reporter Roundup for September 29

School Waivers | September 29

On the September 29 edition of the Reporter Roundup, KPCC reporters discuss a vote to reopen schools, Disney layoffs, and environmental politics across the West. 

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to allow schools to apply for reopening waivers. Carla Javier reports which schools qualify and how fast this process could go. 

Disney announced Tuesday it will lay off 28,000 people from its parks division. Mike Roe discusses why the company is blaming the state — and why the state is blaming COVID-19. 

Premiering today is a new “Earth Focus” documentary, “The New West and the Politics of the Environment.” Co-producer Jon Christensen explains the role that Sen. Harry Reid played in shaping environmental politics across the West, encompassing what he dubs the “lowercase green new deal.” 

Featured Reporters: 
Carla Javier @carlamjavier 
Mike Roe @MikeRoe 
Caroline Champlain @champlin_c 
Jon Christensen @the_wrangler 
Adriene Hill @adrienehill

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