Resilient Cities
S1 E1: Beirut - Art as a New Narrative

Beirut: Art As A New Narrative

Beirut is a battle-­scarred city that has survived military invasions and civil war. Currently it struggles with a Muslim and Christian divide, the influx of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and has Isis looming over their country’s northern border. Still, Beirut is considered the cultural hub of the Middle East. Reverberating with the sounds of musicians, performers and activists as well as hosting one of the best nightlife scenes in the world, Beirut is an enigma. 

The city’s resiliency is in large part defined by artists and activists who help to carve out a distinct culture in spite of the surrounding chaos. In this episode we follow one Canadian ex-­pat and four local artists: Nasri Atallah, a writer; Gaafar Touffar, a rapper; Yazan Halwani, a graffiti artist; and Alexandre Paulikevitch, a male belly dancer. They all use their art to express their struggles, their hopes and their vision for the future of the city.

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